The Beginner’s Guide to Video Marketing

Written by Jamie Spurrell

On April 19, 2021
Video marketing has exploded in recent years and for good reason. More than half of all internet traffic is video, with billions of hours watched every day on YouTube alone. If you’re not using this powerful tool to market your product or service, you’re missing out!

Video marketing has exploded in recent years and for good reason. More than half of all internet traffic is video, with billions of hours watched every day on YouTube alone. If you’re not using this powerful tool to market your product or service, you’re missing out!

In this blog post I will show you how to use video to grow your business today!

Video marketing brings all of the positives that traditional advertising has and more. With videos, you can reach your audience in a new way with superior engagement rates than other mediums like text or print ads for example.

The Beginner's Guide to Video Marketing

Video can be a versatile tool for business owners throughout the entire customer buying journey and has an array of benefits. With the use of backend analytics, video can can also help to qualify and prioritize cold or unresponsive leads.

Let’s get into the post.

Benefits of Video Marketing

Video Marketing is a Great Way to Connect with Your Customers

Video marketing is a great way to connect with your customers and engage them in new ways. It’s important to have a video strategy, though, as it can be difficult to get started if you’re not sure where to start.

A lot of people are intimidated by the idea of video marketing because they don’t know what type of content they should create or how much time it will take on their end.

If this sounds like you, keep reading! We’ll cover some types of marketing videos and also offer some basics for getting started with video marketing so that even beginners can feel confident in using this strategy.

Types of Marketing Videos

Before you begin filming your video, there are a lot of decisions to make. There is the initial choice – what type of video do I want to create? Maybe it’s time for an educational and informative presentation on how your products work or maybe you’re interested in creating something with more personality as entertainment.

What kind of tone should this project have? A professional voiceover might be best if it will be used by people who work at businesses all day long while having some fun and creativity could possibly help create a better connection with viewers. You should also determine which camera features would suit each production style before anything else starts happening so nothing gets missed along the way.

Here are the different types of videos that you can start to use for your business.

Brand Videos

A brand video is essentially a company commercial. It’s typically part of an advertising campaign to promote your company or product. Using this type of video can be essential in communicating the features and benefits of the product or service with your target audience.

Demonstration Videos

Demonstration videos allow a company to show how a product or service works. These types of videos are often used for products that may be complicated to explain in words, like hardware and technology.

Event Videos

Another type of video that you might consider creating is an event video. Event videos are great if you are hosting an event that you want to share with your audience.

These types of videos can be used to promote a new product, introduce the team behind it, and give attendees something they’ll remember after the event is over.

Explainer Videos

An explainer video is a short, engaging, and relatable video that helps your audience understand the goal of your product or service. It’s usually about two minutes long and can be done through animation or live-action. Explainer videos do a wonderful job at answering questions and clearing up misconceptions.

Typically, the goal of an explainer video is to explain what your business does in a fun, visual way that captures its essence. It is also great for educating viewers about some aspect of the product or service while also entertaining them with storytelling and animation techniques.

Educational or How-To Videos

With the explosion of video, educational or how-to videos have become the norm in today’s business landscape. These types of videos can be great when they are used to educate a viewer on the benefits of your product or service.

Educational videos do a great job to educate users about how one would use your brand’s product. It allows you or your sales team to provide comprehensive step-by-step instructions for use, as well as general usage tips.

Animated Videos

Although it can be a steep learning curve to get started with the type of video concept, animated videos can be critical in helping explain hard-to-grasp concepts. 

Animated videos do a terrific job of demonstrating how a product or service works or highlighting benefits that can’t be described in words alone. It is a more visual experience for the viewer.

Live Videos

Now that we have all these different mobile platforms at our fingertips and essentially have a great camera on us at all times, live video can be another great way to utilize this medium in your marketing.

Live video provides a behind-the-scenes look at your company and what it’s really like to work there. It can also be a great way for companies to connect with their followers in real-time, making the experience more personal by answering questions on air or providing other value through live chat tools.

Case Study and Customer Testimonial Videos

Case study and testimonial videos can provide invaluable insight to your target audience. These types of videos are great for showcasing the successes your clients have had with your products and services.

Your prospects want to see a problem solved, and the best way you can prove that is by showing them your happy customers. Case study videos are one of the most effective means for proving this point because they show how other people like themselves have been able to use your product successfully in their lives.

Personalized Messages

In today’s day and age, we are bombarded by emails, dm’s, LinkedIn requests, and other forms of content. Businesses are finding it extremely challenging to cut through all the noise. One way to be effective and memorable with video is to create personalized messages. This type of video is great when your goal is to be a trusted resource for people who have reached out to you via email or text.

Creating personalized messages that help answer your prospect’s questions will create a unique and delightful moment and experience.

360° & Virtual Reality Videos

VR technology has come a very long way and it appears to be getting better. This is great news for business owners. 360° & virtual reality videos are another great way for businesses to get noticed in the digital marketing space. With these types of videos, it allows viewers to consume your content as if they were in the actual experience itself.

The only downside to this type of content is that in order to create a 360° video experience, you will need some type of camera that allows for it. These types of cameras can be quite expensive. 

The good news is that we offer this type of service in-house. Contact us for more information on how you can create a virtual reality experience for your own business.

It’s an Inexpensive Form of Marketing

One of the benefits of video marketing is that it’s an inexpensive form of marketing. Getting started with creating this type of content can be cost-effective yet it can have a lasting impact on your business. The message can also resonate more effectively with your target audience when it’s sent out in video form.

Videos Are Easy to Share

Videos are a great way to share your message and build connections with others. Videos give potential customers the opportunity to hear you speak without reading anything on the screen, which might help them feel more connected to what you’re saying.  Whether you are using email or social media to share your video, it can be shared for an unlimited amount of time. Videos are proven to increase engagement rates by 80%.

In fact, video is more likely to get shared on social media because people love videos and will want other people to watch them too, which generates a snowball effect. Keep in mind that when you share your video content with others, there is an opportunity that those connections may opt into receiving future content from you and your business.

While a lot can be said for more traditional forms, you need to keep in mind how quickly videos are spreading across the net these days. It doesn’t cost anything to make one and if people enjoy what they see there’s no telling where your content will take you.

You Can Use Videos for Lead Generation

As a business owner, generating leads for business growth is imperative. Like many of us, generating leads takes time and energy to do and it can be quite a challenging process. But if you think about it, video is an amazing opportunity to generate leads without any of the work!

We all know how powerful videos are for marketing, but using them in your lead generation efforts has some major benefits that may not have occurred to you before. As we mentioned earlier, people tend to connect very strongly with video. It can have a lasting impression on someone. Therefore, using video with your lead generation strategies can lead to a much more successful outcome and a greater conversion rate.

Video is also powerful for lead generation because it’s easily sharable across channels like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. This means that people can share your videos with their networks of friends in order to get them interested in what you have on offer as well.

They’re Perfect for Storytelling

You may have experienced this yourself, you’ve bought something from a brand because of a personal connection you had. Oftentimes, we don’t simply buy a product or service from someone because of what they did, we buy because of why they did it. 

Storytelling is marketing gives your brand a personality and a voice that customers can relate to. Video is good for storytelling because it’s more personal than other types of content like text or images. It also has higher retention rates, meaning that people tend to watch the video in its entirety rather than getting sidetracked from the video halfway through.

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding the use of video in marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions in Video Marketing

Why do small businesses need video marketing?

Small to medium-sized businesses need to start utilizing this form of marketing because it is a good way to stand out in the marketplace. It also makes it easier for businesses to make sales since video marketing can bring customers back into your company’s story and brand personality by showing them what you do, why you do it, and who you are as an organization.

What is a video marketing strategy?

Video marketing is the strategy designed by marketing teams to integrate video media into their marketing campaigns. A successful strategy will be goal-oriented and has a clear call to action for the viewer watching the video. You need to keep your target audience engaged with your content for as long as you can as this will increase their chances of making a purchase.

What elements should I include in my video marketing strategy?

You need to have quality, well-thought-out, and visually appealing videos for your business that are created with the intent of getting people’s attention and educating them on what you offer. Your goal is to illustrate the successes they can achieve once they experience your service.

What makes a video successful?

When you are looking to create a successful video for your business, you first need to remember who you are trying to communicate with. You want your video content to be personalized and engaging, which will increase the chances of someone taking action after watching it. When creating a successful video for your business, make sure that your videos are clearly focused on one point or topic in order to create an impactful message. Also, ensure that the videos you are creating have quality production value.

In conclusion, video marketing is a must-have for any business wishing to stay competitive these days. From lead generation to storytelling, video can be a valuable tool for any business to utilize.

We hope this guide will help you navigate the wonderful world of video marketing.

If you have any questions regarding the use of video in your marketing, please do not hesitate to contact us at your convenience.

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