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Meet the marketer who started this journey with only love and kindness

Jamie Spurrell has always had a love for marketing and the internet. It was back in 1996, when he first invested in his high-speed (dial up) connection from his bedroom in rural Toronto.

Being able to write a few lines of code and have that appear in a browser on the internet was mind boggling. Taking his love of music and sports, he created his first fan-page on a website platform called Geocities. Fast forward 20+ years, a lot has changed. And his passion for digital still remains the same.   

It is with this passion Jamie started his digital agency to help other business owners and entrepreneurs utilize online marketing to their fullest potential. Whether it is designing a high converting web presence or establishing their online voice with social media, Jamie and his team continue to drive results for all of his clients.

Website Design & Development

We design websites to be as creative and engaging as possible. We're digital marketing specialists at our core, so it should come with no surprise that we have a knack for web design!

Digital Marketing

At Fheba Design, we are your one-stop shop for all things marketing. With an array of services from SEO and Email Marketing to Content Creation and Automation, our team has you covered in the ever changing world of digital marketing!

Video Marketing

The more memorable your content, the higher affinity you will have with potential customers. There is no better way to make people remember what it was they consumed than by using video as a form of communication!

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A glimpse into the technology stack that makes the engine run

We'd love to say that we do it all ourselves. We utilize a marketing and technology stack of products from some of the most well known brands in the industry. We figured out the technology, so you don't have to.

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Digital storytelling is all about the client. It's a joy to work with such thoughtful clients who allow us the opportunity to tell their stories online, and our digital footprint would not be what it is today without them!


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